Welcome to Red Buffalo Nursery !

Red Buffalo Nursery has been selling quality native plants since the turn of the century (21st century, that is). We started this business because we discovered the majesty of our endangered native ecosystems.  We now want to help restore them, and help others restore and recreate these magical environments.

We specialize in plants native to the prairies, wetlands, savannas, and forests of Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin.  We grow plants from locally collected seed whenever possible (ask about local genotype) - we never dig plants from the wild.  

Plants are sold to the public during our Native Plant Sales, in the Spring and Fall, and at Farmer's Markets. We sell wholesale to landscapers, forest preserves, non-profit organizations, and schools.  

We also offer garden design, landscaping, and natural areas restoration services, too.  When we design a garden, or create a natural areas management plan, we use the original pre-settlement environment as our model. Today many of our natural areas are overrun by invasive weeds, plants never encountered prior to European settlement.  These weeds, like garlic mustard, purple loosestrife, and common buckthorn, don't belong here, and many are actively displacing our beautiful and rare native plants, like yellow trout lily, marsh blazing star, and american hazelnut.

At Red Buffalo Nursery we believe our native ecosystems are worth restoring or recreating, that's why we're here - give us a call and let us know how we can help you.


Red Buffalo Nursery  -  Richmond, IL  -   815-678-4848